Ariana Grande Responds to Sexuality Rumors In New Hit Song ‘Monopoly’
Ariana Grande Responds to Sexuality Rumors In New Hit Song ‘Monopoly’

It’s been nearly a month since Positions was released and people have yet to stop talking about it.Fans and listeners have desperately awaited for iconic singer Ariana Grande to drop her next album since 2019. If her albums Sweetener and thank u, next were the 25-years-old’s healing process after facing several tragedies over the past year, Positions is the calm after the storm. In 2019, Ariana experienced the loss of her ex-boyfriend and great friend, rapper Mac Miller. Soon after, she publicly announced that her breezy engagement with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson had also been called off. Needless to say, Ariana’s 2019 was a rough one. At the end of the day, all is well and the future is bright. With her album already topping charts and cementing its place in history, there is one thing that has finally been answered. Long-time fans and spectators alike have called sexuality in question since her debut as a Nickelodeon star. The hit-singer responded to the world’s allegations through one simple line in her new song ‘Monopoly.’

“I like women and men,” the lyric simply reads. Finally, after such a long wait, Ariana ended the rumors against her and silenced the allegations once and for all.

The insightful lyric is sang by Victoria Monét in the previous verse, who came out as bisexual almost two year ago. In November 2018, Victoria Monét went through an especially hard breakup. “I want everyone to know that I’m single (since people wanna pretend I’m not),” the singer tweeted. “I secretly and respectfully went through a difficult break up this summer but enough is enough. I also like girls. Thank U, Next. Bye.” Fans were delighted with Victoria announcement, especially since this tweet alluded that a collaboration between her and Ariana was possibly in the works. Fans took to Instagram and Twitter to share their support of Victoria and their excitement for a possible new song release. With Positions finally being released, it is safe to say that the collaboration mystery has been solved.

This collaboration was much more than an exploration of two beautiful voices, it was a heavily awaited celebration of love in all its forms.

The song itself is also more than such a coming out piece. ‘Monopoly’ treats Ariana’s goals as pieces of a puzzle-- they are already in sight and are bound to come together, they just need a little push into her grasp. “Bad vibes, get off of me. Outta here with that f---ery. Treat my goals like property. Collect them like Monopoly,” Ariana sings. Ariana’s goals have clearly shifted. Instead of living for others, for the first time in her life she has decided to truly live for herself, dissociating with anything that is not in her best interest. Honestly, we should all take a page out of Ariana’s book. What’s life worth living for if not for ourselves? Ariana continues to teach her fans that life is worth living, and that love is a beautiful thing that anyone should be able to fully experience.