Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis Star In Much-Awaited Queer Holiday Hulu-Exclusive Film, Happiest Season
Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis Star In Much-Awaited Queer Holiday Hulu-Exclusive Film, Happiest Season

With the holidays coming up and winter bursting in, it seems like more and more families will be spending their winter season indoors this year. With quarantine and lockdowns in full swing, you’re more likely to be sipping hot cocoa in the comfort of your home rather than under the snowy street lights. Whether it’s the snow or COVID keeping you stuck inside, that doesn’t necessarily mean your holiday season has to be a dull one. Get ready to bundle up, nice and cozy, and watch some great queer-centered Christmas movies this 2020!

Wish you could watch a new, innovative queer movie this year without risking a trip to the cinema? Or maybe you’re looking to add another queer favorite to you collection that isn’t The Handmaiden (2016) or Call Me By Your Name (2017). Do we have the perfect romantic comedy for you! Clea DuVall has decided to grace us with her second feature-length movie entitled Happiest Season. Starring Twilight lead Kristen Stewart and Black Mirror darling Mackenzie Davis, Happiest Season takes the audience on a dramatic yet hilarious ride as we watch a passionate lesbian couple navigate their way through a family Christmas evening. While most of us are tired of the same, stale Christmas rom-com with [insert typical Hollywood actors here], Happiest Season plans on delivering a refreshing take on this classic rom-com movie trope that puts LGBTQ+ people at the forefront of the story.

Abby (Kristen Stewart) is happily in love with her girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis). So much so that she’s thrilled to spend the holiday break with her family. Abby plans on proposing to Harper during their Christmas in front of Harper’s family so that they can all excitedly celebrate together. This plans comes to a halt, however, when Harper confesses that she remains closeted in terms of her family members. She has yet to come out as gay to her parents, who believe Abby is simply an orphaned roomate of Harper’s. From this, Abby is forced to play the “straight woman” alongside her soon-to-be fiance in the hopes that Harper’s family will accept them both. Throw supporting stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Ingrid Goes West), Alison Brie (Community, Bojack Horseman), and Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) into the mix and you’re bound to have hilarity and sincerity ensue.

Happiest Season isn’t available to stream for all audiences until November 10thon (exclusively on Hulu, as the film is a Hulu original), so unfortunately we can’t give an in-depth review for you guys at this time. We here at are stoked to have such a movie ready for all to see. Stay tuned for a full-length review of Happiest Season coming soon. That being said, mark your calendars for few weeks where we’ll begin doing movie reviews for movies like Happiest Season and other queer cinema classics!

Be sure to stream Happiest Season, only on Hulu, available on November 10th!
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